This custom version of the Church Planter Profiles website has been created as a partnership between Converge Southwest and Gateway Leadership Initiative to help potential planters discover their aptitude and readiness for church planting quickly and easily in an online environment.


The most effective way to reach the world for Christ is by starting new churches. This is why every people group and community needs a church. We believe the church is the hope of the world. This is why we are committed to building missionally-minded, transformational churches among every people group and community in the world. Converge stands above the rest. We are focused on starting churches that start churches. Over the years, church planting leaders around the world recognize Converge as one of the most effective church planting movements with a success rate of 9 out of 10, industry leading assessment centers, hands-on practical coaching, shared expertise and engaged parent and partnering churches.

“One of the leading
church planting organizations
in America.” - Ed Stetzer

Why Converge:

We are missionally driven. Jesus said the harvest is plentiful with the notion that there is a mission to accomplish. We are committed to the mission by committing ourselves to building a church for every people and every community.

We are relationally devoted. Christian maturity is relationally driven.  And yet, many pastors are lonely and feel ill-equipped for the task at hand in leading their local church. We are a group of churches not in competition, but committed to collaboration. We believe we are better together than we could ever be apart. One of the greatest strengths is our devotion to one another.

We are culturally diverse. We are a movement birthed from an immigrant movement that started ministry in a second language. Very few groups have our diversity. We see the diversity of our movement a place of strength as it positions us to reach communities and people around the world.

What to expect:

  • Practical Coaching
  • Ongoing traning and development
  • Relationship
  • Funding
  • Common Vision

Gateway Leadership Initiative

Gateway Leadership Initiative's vision is to mobilize thousands of leaders to start new churches out of the culture - churches molded from messy people rising up out of the culture to become the Body of Christ. Our efforts are focused on:
  • Inspiring leaders to start new churches out of the culture.
  • Discovering leaders with the ability and experience needed for church planting.
  • Equipping leaders for starting new churches formed out of the culture.
  • Multiplying new churches as part of the reproducing movement.

If you have any questions regarding this site, please send an email to our support team.